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FLATWOODS AND LIGHTERKNOTS is a cameo peek into Southern culture as experienced by a young boy growing up in Southeast Georgia during World War II and the tumultuous times that followed.  The young boy's experiences are captured in a series of stories that treat people of different cultures with tender remembrances of their special contributions to a world being changed by the demands of technological and social progress.  As America moved forward after a long war and subsequent advent of a mobilized society, many people had to change their lives in ways that were often inconvenient yet necessary in a new age of mass communications and mass confusion.  Old ways and beliefs gave way to new methods as people, steeped in old customs and traditions, began remodeling their lives to meet the challenges of a new era.  Yet, there still lingers a deep respect and admiration for the contributions of those who came before us, plowing the furrows of progress.

LEADERSHIP IN AMERICA: The Rise Fall and Redemption of a Republic

LEADERSHIP IN AMERICA is an examination into the various leadership styles, personal qualities, individual character traits, principles, political ideologies, and how these factors impact upon the effectiveness of leadership at all levels of government services, business, and industry. It describes the personal qualities that are necessary for developing an effective leadership style as well as how prospective leaders can develop a “whole leader” personality. It provides advice on how the personal leadership style of the leader of any organization can impact, positively or negatively, upon differing situations that may arise in any organization. The author delves into the various and changing sociological conditions that occur in society and examines their causes, impact upon organizations, and how a leader can successfully survive as an effective leader during difficult circumstances. Leadership in America also provides the reader an understanding of how leadership developed over the history of human existence.